David’s first release in 2009 was a self titled EP produced by Nashville based Neilson Hubbard.  Among other acclaimed musicians featured was the beloved Garrison Starr.  David worked several unreleased projects before joining David George and a Crooked Mile in Kansas City as rhythm guitar and backing vocals.  He joined up for a week in Nashville with long time friend Elijah Newman to produce songs featured on this site.  

Singles from David’s new EP with Kansas City based producer Oscar Rivas are expected to be released in Spring of 2020.  The project features The World’s Gonna Change, a previous collaboration with Academy Award and Golden Globe winning songwriter Tom Whitlock.  


 "Kansas City" - Is a new, and original  song that will land on the forthcoming EP! This was recorded live at the historic Oak Street Mansion, Kansas City, MO.


"Smile About Somethin' "

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"Kiss Your Knees"

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"From Here"

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